Soccer Lounge: Weirdest Hairstyles You'll Ever See

Today we pick the worst and weirdest of hairstyles ever seen on a footballer. It is up to you to decide which is the worst! presents "Soccer Lounge" where with a little more humour and a little less drama, no red cards and fouls, lies a chance to say whatever you want...So sit back, relax and have fun!

Some people handle fame well, some people just go mad. There are some who splash out lavishly and spend their earnings, and there are some who remain stingy. There are a few who appear normal and a few who appear down right crazy. We, who enjoy Soccer Lounge, do not amuse ourselves with normal and are big fans of “crazy” and “eccentric.” We like different, but is different always good?

Today we pick 10 of the Worst and Weirdest Hairstyles donned by a football player and leave YOU readers to decide who looks the...weirdest. Time to go CRAZY!


1. David James


Here, it looks like David James has dunked his hair in ash... the combination of the curls and the bleached hair inspires names like “Noodle Head” and “Worm Hair”. He definitely makes our list for the worst hairstyles in the Premier League. Why would anyone do that to their hair is beyond our understanding, maybe he’s in a whole different league of fashion and we, mediocre people, may never understand.

2. Taribo West


Taribo West attempting the young Britney look, and runs out of hair? Fail.

He definitely stands out from others, but not in the best way. With his hair colours ranging from green to red, we can barely keep our eyes off him. Congrats Taribo, you definitely make the cut for one of the weirdest hairstyles ever.

3. Abel Xavier


Whether it looks like whipped cream on his head, a weird helmet or a cotton candy, this has to be one of the oddest hairstyle ever. In fact it is so weird,  we’re speechless and have nothing more to say about it.

4. Bacary Sagna

Sagna looks like he stuck spaghetti on his head after getting tired of being bald. Blonde might have suited Barbie, but it definitely does not work for this Arsenal Player... what’s wrong with a good old shaved head?


5. Kayazuki Toda


How are we supposed to pay attention to the game when there is something so bright zooming across the field? If this player entered a bull-fighting arena, I bet you anything that the bull would quit chasing the matador and attack Toda. That, young man, is way too distracting.

6. Javier Margas


Could you imagine what it would be like if everyone who loved their team coloured their hair to match it? Teams like Holland, Brazil and Chelsea would have a tough time being taken seriously. The only thing we have to ask Margas here is, "dude, what the *beep* were you thinking?" Next time get a tattoo or something, will you?


7.   Tony Daley


Troll Doll or Bart Simpson, I’m not sure what exactly is the look Daley was going for. It just like someone has opened up a can of worms on his head and they’re all spiralling out.


8.  Ivan Campo


Even Lionel Richie would look disgusted at hair like that, but Campo seems to like it. The ‘just out of jail’ look makes you wonder how much these footballers are really earning if they can barely afford a haircut!


9. Manuel Almunia


Bleached Hair is an addiction to many in the football world, this is a message to Almunia and many other footballer’s who have succumbed to the addiction, lay of the bleach... It is too bright, dries up your hair and does nothing at all for your football!


10. Djibril Cisse


Cisse, did anyone mention that there’s a huge red worm on your head? I wonder what the purpose of such a haircut was. Maybe to notify Extra Terrestrials of his location when they came to “beam him up”?

Why not just stick a huge torch to your head?

So, what do you think was the worst and weirdest hairstyle on this list? Is there anyone we’ve missed out? Do let us know in the comment sections, we just LOVE hearing about anything and everything weird. Maybe there is someone with green and pink hair out there that we haven’t spotted, help us find him!

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