Champions League Fanview: What Do You Think Will Happen In Tuesday Night's El Clasico At Nou Camp

Part 4 of the El Clasico - it was one for each week from 17th April to the last one on 4th May - and asked you what to expect of the last one for this season...
The first leg of the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Barcelona saw a lot of bad blood and the concern as the two footballing powerhouses enter the second leg is evidently that of fair play.

A lot of feud spilled around at the Santiago Bernabeu wherein besides Real Madrid's Jose Mourinho and Pepe being sent off, Barcelona's second choice keeper Jose Pinto earned a red card from the reserves bench when he involved himself in a scuffle.

Everyone wishes for a game of football with no controversies and here's what YOU predict:

Will This Score Board Pull Up Once Again?

Can Barca defeat the Madridistas 5-0 again? Some fans believe so, while others have been using hyperbole to it's utmost in their speech. "‎5-0 BARCA again," says Rahul Sinha while Vipul Modak settled for, "barca 3-0."

Imagine if Madrid actually lose by 10 goals. Nikhil Nambair shares his dream saying, "ohh.......... Barca will spank Reals' a***s with 10 goals....!!! and Jose would commit suicide from the top..............that's how the 'Special One' will end his journey and once again FOOTBALL will be FOOTBALL, not RUGBY...!!!"

An Example Of The Unwanted Rugby Hustle

Surely the two sides would need to have undergone some anger management lessons given the 'affable' relation they share!

"Mourinho should be a rugby coach, not a football coach. I hope Madrid continue their losing streak. By the way, where is Mourinho's home record," asked Kris Muli.

Here a Madrid fan who places his faith in the Portuguese tactician, Shittu Fatai says, "I believe in Jose Mourinho and his boys. He is the 'Special One,' and he will prove it again to Pep Guardiola and his team at the Camp Nou."

Referee Franck De Bleeckere, Are You Ready?

Strong words, but wait until some fans talk sarcastically about the referees involvement in the game which could work in favour of the home side.

"It will depend on the referees. Because Barca will play with 12 men and this 12th man's performance gonna decide the match." - Kaushik Panchal.

Punit Ojha has a different view: "We gonna see some awesome performance by Barca...Oh no, I wasn't talking about football. I was talking about Drama, Theatrics, Acting..."

What is YOUR view about the decisive El Clasico?

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