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Red and Gold Supporters actively discuss about the present scenario...

The Federation Cup champions are facing a difficult time in the I-league after they failed to earn a single point so far after the league got underway for its second leg. caught up with some East Bengal fanatics to get their views on the situation.

East Bengal fans Abhirup Ghosh (AG), Tanmoy Banerjee (TB) and Rahul Biswas (RB) volunteered for answers. Despite having a strong team with some renowned footballers from the Indian National team, what do you think is the reason behind such a downfall?

AG: I think the players are undergoing a mental setback. The team management should come up with something concrete to overcome it.

TB: There are very few Bengali players in the line-up. So it is quite evident that the players from other states fail to understand the Bengali tradition and culture related with the team.

RB: It is natural, in a game of football and a long running season, ups and downs are a part of life. I am sure we shall bounce back sooner or later. In a recent incident we saw some key players from the club getting involved in a brawl during a local league match. How do you think this incident will affect the image of the club?

:It is a very unfortunate incident that had happened. Alvito being a brand ambassador should have given a second thought before committing such a mistake.

TB: It is certainly a very bad example set by the players I believe the East Bengal club officials should have taken some actions against the guilty.

RB:According to me as far as the information I got, it is quite true that Eduardo has infuriated Alvito by spitting on him and abusing him, thus he has every right to react after being insulted. Where do you think East Bengal will finish their season in the league table?

AG: According to the current position we are in, I think we must finish in the first four. This can only happen if we start improving on our performances.

It is very hard to predict but I fear that we might even get relegated if we continue to be sloppier.

RB:  Finishing in the top half of the table looks obvious for us at the moment.


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