Goal.com Weekend Special: Football Movies Worth Watching - Part II

Goal.com's Subhankar Mondal continues to feature the best football movies by outlining 10 more films in the second and final part of the special series.....

The movies are in no particular order.

11. Mike Bassett: England Manager

This is a satirical football movie that would make one laugh all the while. A hilarious movie that is bitingly sardonic, Mike Bassett: England Manager tells the tale of a manager who becomes the England boss. Bassett takes up the job under some rather weird circumstances and then we begin a journey of pure fun and amusement with the usual thrill and sarcasm directed at some of the well known historical moments in football. Bassett has the onerous task of first making sure of England’s qualifications to the World Cup finals and then leading them to success there.

Mike Bassett: England Manager is a comedy movie that pokes fun at the real footballing world and is certainly worth a watch.

12. Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch is based on the autobiographical novel of the same name by celebrated author and Arsenal supporter Nick Hornby and centres on the protagonist’s love for his club and his love affair with a fellow teacher at his school. Paul Ashworth is an English schoolteacher at a north London school and lifelong supporter of Arsenal who thought that his obsession with the Gunners would perpetuate his life. But then he meets Sarah Hughes and soon after starts a romantic relationship against the backdrop of the 1988-1989 season.

13. Mean Machine

Mean Machine is an inspirational movie revolving around a former disgraced England national football team captain who goes to prison and now has the chance to train the prison guards' football team. But Danny Meehan, the former England international who is supposed to do time for three years in Longmarsh prison after assaulting two police officers while drunk, refuses to coach the prison guards' team and instead takes up the task of coaching the inmates’ team and trains them for a football match against the guards.

14. L'Allenatore Nel Pallone

Regarded as one of the best Italian football films, L'Allenatore Nel Pallone centres on the gargantuan task of Longobarda trainer Oronzo Cana of keeping his team up in the Italian first division. Little Longobarda from Northern Italy have been promoted to the first division and Cana has been assigned the task of keeping them there. But funds are hard to come by…..

15. Goal II: Living The Dream

Santiago Munez has made himself a hero at Newcastle United but now it's time to move to Real Madrid much against the wishes of the Geordies and his girlfriend. Santi starts his career at the Spanish giants in sensational fashion but before long lucks runs out and personal problems creep in as he discovers his runaway mother now residing in Spain. Santi also gets injured and now has to recover his fitness and his place in the Real Madrid team as preparations for the biggest game of the season start with full vigour.

Goal! The Dream Begins was the first installment of the Goal trilogy and Living The Dream is its sequel. While in the first part Santi Munez started to realize his dream, in this installment he lives his lifelong dream of playing for the biggest club in the world. There are some rather obvious flaws in the film and but even then the movie makes for some good entertainment with Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Raul, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos and a host of other stars all featuring.

16. The Other Final

Johan Kramer was disappointed at Holland’s failure to qualify for the 2002 World Cup finals and decided to make a film during the event. Calling upon the two lowest ranked nations, Bhutan and Montserrat, to play a match, Kramer planned to make a documentary movie out of it. The Other Final explores two hugely different and often contrasting cultures of Bhutan and Montserrat and explores how football can be played without the customary gala show or the monetary benefits. The documentary is a very touching one and is an enjoyable and informative watch.

17. The Black Meteor

The Black Meteor is the story of the first black footballer to play in a professional league in Europe. Set in the 1950s, it tells the story of Steve Mokone who came to play at Dutch club Heracles in the city of Almelo and achieved great success. Considerably fictionalized, The Black Meteor is a lovely depiction of the different characters that make up Almelo and Heracles and is in itself a lovely film.

18. O Casamento de Romeu e Julieta (Romeo and Juliet Get Married)

As the name suggests, the film is a Romeo-and-Juliet-esque movie, the only difference being that the two families are opposite football-wise. Julieta is the gorgeous daughter of the Palmeiras supporter and member of board of directors Alfredo Baragatti while Romeu supports Palmeiras’s archrivals Corinthians.

Both fall in love with each other but the problem is that Romeu cannot reveal to Julieta's family that he is a lifelong supporter of Corinthians. Romeu feigns his allegiance to Palmeiras when he meets Julieta's family but it becomes increasingly difficult to sustain the lie.

Romeo And Juliet Get Married is an excellent movie that would keep you entertained throughout.

19. Tifosi

Tifosi is an Italian movie that revolves around Italian football fans. In a humorous tone, the movie narrates the passion and behaviour of football fans in Italy. The narrative invokes four different matches and is a brilliant commentary on football fans in Italy. The likes of Franco Baresi, Diego Armando Maradona and Giampiero Galeazzi all feature in this film.

20. Looking For Eric

Looking For Eric is a British film that explores the idea of football being the sole ticket out of a life compressed and suppressed by depression and terrorized by personal demons. At the heart of the movie is the theme of footballers possessing the power to inspire the beaten down and wearied people.

The central character of the movie is Eric the postman, who is radically sinking into depression as life around him takes on a darker hue. But in these moments of crisis Eric turns for salvation towards his footballing hero, a certain Frenchman by the name of Eric Cantona, and tries to restore himself.

Some other movies worth watching.....

21. L'Allenatore Nel Palone 2

22. The Damned United

23. Fimpen

24. 66

25. Maradona - La mano di Dio

26. El Hincha 

Subhankar Mondal 

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