Real Madrid Increase Bid For Fiorentina's Juan Manuel Vargas To €25 Million - Report

Real in no mood to back off Vargas...
Real Madrid are gradually increasing their bids for Fiorentina star Juan Manuel Vargas in an attempt to put pressure on the Italian club into selling up.

After an initial €15 million bid last summer, the figure now stands at €25m, a three million increase from January's €22m attempt.

And Tuttosport claims the increases will continue until the Viola unlock the shackles and set the Peruvian free to join the Santiago Bernabeu giants.

Both Vargas and Fiorentina have always maintained there would be no end of season move, but Real's latest offer is a €12m increase on what the Italians paid for him in 2007 when he joined from Catania.

Vargas will be offered a cash-rich contract as part of the deal as a convincer to leave Italy.

Fiorentina look set to miss out on Champions League football and the cash flow it brings, and the money Real are offering would make up for the shortfall.

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