Liverpool's Ryan Babel Dismisses Ajax Rumours

Dutch winger claims he was never interested in leaving the Reds
Liverpool winger Ryan Babel has claimed that widespread reports of his desire to switch to Ajax on loan were simply unfounded rumours.

Babel was reported to have desired a move out of Anfield in this season's build-up to the World Cup because he allegedly felt that manager Rafa Benitez was not giving him adequate playing time to secure a spot on the Netherlands' roster for South Africa.

However, he now insists none of that was true, blaming a dodgy translation of a Dutch interview for the confusion.

"I didn't say any of those things," said the 22-year-old. "I did an interview in Holland and I don't know who in England got hold of it but it was the worst translation I have ever seen.

"The fact is I'm very happy here and I don't want to leave to go anywhere. I just want to concentrate on playing.

"Yes, there is a lot of competition for places at Liverpool but that's the same at every top club. It was like that when I was at Ajax and that isn't a problem for me.

"I heard about what was being reported when I was away with Holland. When I got back to Liverpool I went straight to the manager and told him it wasn't true. He accepted that and there is no problem."

Babel helped his cause on Saturday during a substitute appearance in which he provided the assisting cross for Fernando Torres's game-winning goal against West Ham United.

Jeremy Brown, UK