Luis Suarez: Ibrahimovic-Eto'o Deal Is Complete

The Inter Milan technical advisor has declared that the player-plus-cash deal involving the two strikers has been concluded.
There have been reports in both Spain and Italy claiming that Barcelona have made an audacious offer of €40 million plus Samuel Eto'o and Aliaksandr Hleb for Inter star Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The Nerazurri chief, Massimo Moratti, stated earlier today that a deal between the two clubs had not been struck but Luis Suarez, who played for both sides, has now hinted that an agreement has been reached.

"I did not conduct the negotiations myself, but yes, I can tell you that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will play for Barcelona next season," he is quoted as saying in SOFOOT.

"And Eto'o to Inter, it also appears. On the other hand, nothing is certain about Hleb. But since Jose Mourinho has been asking for a new attacking midfielder for weeks, there is no reason for him not to come."

Although Suarez believes that Ibrahimovic's loss is a blow to Inter, he is confident they will be able to retain their Serie A title.

"You have to be honest: Zlatan is individually a better football player than Samuel Eto'o," he added. "At least technically. So it's rather Barca instead of Inter who have made a good transfer. Now on the pitch, we will have to see.

"With Eto'o, Inter will be less dependent on a player that can help the team to work better collectively. And Eto'o is a player that works harder than Ibrahimovic, and is more of a team player who runs more.

"Knowing that [Diego] Milito is not a player that creates spaces, and that Zlatan is not one either, this could give more attacking solutions to Inter.

"In any case, Inter remain the favourites in Italy for me."

Luís Mira,

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