John Terry Caused Mourinho's Sacking From Chelsea - Claude Makelele

The former Blues holding midfielder has some further shocking revelations to share from his autobiography...
John Terry was responsible for the sacking of Jose Mourinho as Chelsea's manager, according to the club's former player Claude Makelele. The former Blues' midfielder makes the claims in his autobiography 'Tout Simplement', published in France today.

"I thought Mourinho was practically untouchable, but a lot of players had complained about him, notably John Terry," British broadsheet newspaper The Times reports the book as revealing.

"When John Terry let his discontent be known to [Peter] Kenyon [the chief executive] and asked him for an immediate transfer, [Roman] Abramovich [the club's owner] reacted immediately: the departure of Terry was totally unimaginable, from the point of view of the supporters, the players or the club owners. Mourinho was asked to pack his bags."

The row allegedly took place on the eve of Chelsea's Champions League tie with Norway's Rosenborg on September 18, 2007.

Although it is well known that Mourinho and Terry had previously clashed over the England defender's physical condition, both parties have reportedly moved swiftly to deny Makelele's claims, with Terry issuing a statement through his lawyers refuting the allegations.

The Times also reports that Mourinho has contacted the Chelsea defender, in order to pledge that he will publicly deny the reports.

What effect this might have had on Chelsea's preparations for tomorrow's FA Cup final against Everton at Wembley remains to be seen.

Zack Wilson,

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