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Lionel Messi has dismissed speculation that he could become a pawn in Real Madrid's presidential elections and now his father has also spoken out against the reports emanating from the Spanish capital.

Lionel Messi's father has sought to end any speculation about his son making a possible move to Real Madrid by reiterating that he thinks that could never happen.

Amid reports that Florentino Pérez may attempt to prise the Argentine star away from the Blaugrana if he enters the Santiago Bernabéu election race, Jorge Messi has spoken out.

Pérez did lure Luis Figo to Madrid in 2000, but reports that he could try something similar have been dismissed by both Barça and now the Messi family.

"Leo is good, he feels happy, wanted ans important. The one that has the last word is him and he is happy at Camp Nou," Messi senior told El Mundo Deportivo.

"I know Leo wants to stay with Barça and will never go to Madrid.

"In Madrid they can say what they want. All I am saying is that it is up to him because it is his decision and he feels very, very good in Barcelona."

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