Heynckes: I would rather call Cruyff than Pep

The experienced coach feels the Dutchman would be a better source of advice about Barcelona than his successor at the Allianz Arena
Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes has made it clear that he would prefer Johan Cruyff's advice over that of Pep Guardiola if he wanted any information on Barcelona.

The Bavarians were paired with Guardiola's former club during Friday's draw for the Champions League semi-finals but the 68-year-old feels the legendary Dutchman would be able to offer more information about the Blaugrana.

"Out of respect for his old club Pep can't give away any details about Barcelona, but I don't need him to," Heynckes told reporters.

"I know Spanish football well and I know Barcelona well. If I wanted to call anyone I would choose Cruyff, because he invented Barca's style of play."

Cruyff represented Barca as a player from 1973 until 1978 and to the Catalan giants as their head coach in 1988.