Referees should be treated like players after mistakes - Cruyff

The Dutch legend believes that the current system is not working, pointing out a number of high-profile errors in recent weeks
Johan Cruyff believes that referees should be held accountable for poor performances following a number of high-profile errors in recent Champions League games.

The Dutch icon believes that players are likely to be punished by coaches for making mistakes, so the officials should be subject to the same treatment.

"A striker who misses a few chances runs the risk of spending the next match on the bench," the 65-year-old told De Telegraaf.

"For a referee, it does not work like that. That is something that you can start doing right now. You should just accept that as a striker will miss a chance a referee will also sometimes make a mistake."

Cruyff went on to say that the offside goals awarded to Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thomas Muller in last week's Champions League fixtures stand as proof that extra officials are not helping the problem.

"I have already said that you do not improve a situation by getting more people involved," he continued.

"In Paris Saint-Germain-Barcelona and Bayern Munich-Juventus, two offside goals were approved while there were six officials in and around the field.

"Especially in the 1-1 in Paris you may be wondering what the referee, linesman and the additional refs were doing. This system is not watertight and that the answer is not in the quantity, you need to work on the quality."

In the wake of the 2-2 draw at the Parc des Princes, Barcelona lodged an official complaint to Uefa over the standard of referee Wolfgang Stark's performance.