Mourinho puts referees under pressure, says Dani Alves

The Brazilian believes his dismissal in the 2011 Clasico was down to the influence of the Portuguese, and hit out at suggestions that Barcelona players do likewise
Barcelona defender Dani Alves believes Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho influences refereeing decisions due to his constant hounding of officials.

The 29-year-old Brazilian used his sending off against Madrid in 2011 as a prime example of Mourinho's antics, after an altercation with Pepe saw Alves dismissed in the Clasico.

When asked if his dismissal was a direct result of Mourinho pestering the referee, Alves told AS: "Yes".

"When the referee is pressurised, he is conditioned. The protests, in the end, influence the officiating.

"I think that yesterday [against Paris Saint-Germain] there was a huge foul on me, just like at the Bernabeu with Pepe in 2011, but as it's Dani Alves, it's 'theatre'.

"At the end of the day that 2011 Champions League trophy is in the Barca gallery and I have a replica at home, and that's what matters."

Alves also hit out at accusations that Barcelona players have a tendancy for over-the-top protests against referees during matches.

"It seems like we are not allowed to complain," he added. "If we go out and protest, everyone will say we are cry-babies, that we complain. We are not stupid."