Milan can follow in Barcelona's footsteps, says Gattuso

The former Rossoneri midfielder believes the Italian club can copy their Champions League opponents' blueprint for success, particularly investing in the side's youth squad

Gennaro Gattuso says AC Milan are following the lead of their Champions League opponents Barcelona by investing in young players to generate success.

Gattuso, who played at San Siro for 13 years before moving to Sion in the summer, believes his former club are in the same situation Barca found themselves in at the turn of the century.

“They [Barcelona] have completed a dramatic transformation and now everyone wants to copy their football and their work with their youth team," he told Mundo Deportivo.

"Everything began with Cruyff and is now taking off.

“Are Milan taking the same direction? Yes it is the path to follow when there is no money, as in the case of Milan.”

The midfielder was also quick to highlight how Barca’s patience and investment in youth was the nucleus of their success - something he wants Milan to copy.

“The youth set-up is not done in a day. It takes time. And patience. As they had in Barcelona.

“I remember in 2000 when we won at Camp Nou with goals from Coco and Bierhoff, their fans complained that the team was not competitive and Real Madrid won the titles.

“Now the tune has changed. This is what can happen to Milan. After 25 years of success, they must wait two or three to return to the top.”

Milan have not won the Champions League since 2007, and were knocked out by this season's Spanish opponents at the quarter-finals stage last year.