We will strive for a win on Wednesday, says Schalke's Lewis Holtby

The highly-rated youngster believes that his side have a good chance of grabbing the three points against the English opposition, and has bought tickets for all of his family
Schalke midfielder Lewis Holtby is upbeat ahead of his team's clash with Arsenal in the Champions League on Wednesday, especially after their derby victory over Borussia Dortmund last weekend.

A 2-1 win over their rivals Dortmund was the perfect preparation for the Ruhr-based side, and Holtby, who is part-English, hopes his team can upset the London-based outfit next.

"I tried to prepare for the season the best I could. It has been pretty OK so far, but there are still many matches to be played," explained the midfielder, speaking to ESPN FC.

"It is the Champions League and we try and win every match. I never have a destructive approach going into a match; I also did not do that against Dortmund. To be honest, it's always a 50/50 chance and form on that day decides [who wins].

"We will strive for a win on Wednesday."

Holtby also believes that Arsenal's weekend defeat to Norwich could aid Schalke's cause, but insists he feels no pressure to play well.

"We will certainly have a close look at all the players, but Arsenal play a quick and variable style of football. They have lost away to Norwich [on Saturday], and I believe our chances of beating them have increased a little. But it will not be easy.

"There's no pressure at all - instead I am enjoying the fact that I can be in that situation: in a Champions League match, away to Arsenal, and in front of my family.

"I want to win there. It is important that we as a team play a good match and not if Lewis Holtby plays good or bad."