Roma's Francesco Totti Insists He Did Not Racially Abuse Inter's Mario Balotelli

Totti has touched upon his Balotelli kick incident once again...
Francesco Totti insists he did not make racial remarks to Mario Balotelli in relation to his kick that cost him a four-match ban in the Coppa Italia.

Totti has maintained his version that Balotelli provoked him into lashing out, whereas the Inter striker claimed Totti had bullied him and insulted him racially.

But the Roma man has given a fresh explanation over the broil and battle.

"Yes, I made a mistake, but I was provoked," he told Diva e Donna magazine.

"But I never said that he was a ni**er, though I did call him a piece of s***.

"He provoked me, saying I was a 'finished grandad'."

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