Galliani: Regional abuse not equal to racism

The San Siro CEO believes it is unfair that they are being punished and says that the rules must be amended so that a few fans do not ruin games

Adriano Galliani has hit out at AC Milan being ordered to play their clash with Udinese behind closed doors for allegations that their fans were chanting pejoratives about southern Italians.

Massimiliano Allegri's men will have no fans present at San Siro on October 19 after the club were punished by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) and the Rossoneri CEO believes the nation's guidelines need to be revised.

"I understand that racism is a big problem, a worldwide one," Galliani told reporters. "However, territorial discrimination is something different. The rule on that needs to be abolished.

"All of the club presidents are in agreement with that and I've already called FIGC chief Giancarlo Abete to tell him so.

"No newspapers or television stations heard it, probably because there was nothing there. I was at the Juventus Stadium and I just heard a lot of chants about Mario Balotelli and nothing else.

"The next time it happens the game will be awarded to the opposition and they’ll want a points penalty too.

"If 50 people get together then they can kill a club with racial or territorial discrimination."

Milan sit 12th after eight gameweeks, 13 points behind Serie A leaders Roma.