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The player will be available for Roma against Inter after joking that he would not be...

Francesco Totti announced the news that no one at Roma wanted to hear: He will not play against Inter. But after a moment when fans held their breath in disbelief, his serious side emerged, and to the relief of everyone, he confirmed his availability.

"I don't think that I am able to play against Inter," he told Sky Sport Italia during a presentation at the University of Rome on Thursday morning.

"It will certainly be a special game for the team, and for the city of Roma."

Students and fans were disappointed with his comments, believing he would not play following a recent knee problem.

But, after the conference, Totti confirmed he was fit and ready to play, much to the delight of those present.

"I am ready for the game, and I will be there on Saturday," he concluded.

Roma are four points behind Inter going into possibly the biggest games remaining in Serie A this season.

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