Milan: Alessandro Nesta Knee Surgery Is Successful

Nesta's surgery went to plan...
Alessandro Nesta is out of the operating theatre and on the road to recovery after surgery to his right knee was successful.

And he should be back in training action within the next 30 days, Milan said in a statement on Monday.

"Alessandro Nesta underwent surgery at the Villa Stuart clinic in Rome by Professor Pier Paolo Mariani in the presence of team doctor Massimo Manara," said the statement. 

"The arthroscopic examination revealed a rupture of the preliminary lateral meniscus, which has been regularised by arthroscopy.

"Simultaneously, an arthrotomy was performed in the popleteal tendon.

"Nesta will be discharged in the coming days and must remain immobilised for two weeks with a post-operation tutor.

"At the end of this period he is expected to return to his athletic activity in 30 days."

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