Inter's Julio Cesar: Catania Penalty Should Not Have Been Awarded

The Nerazzurri won 2-1 last night against the Rossoazzurri, but the Brazilian shot stopper recriminated about the penalty scored by the visitors which could have re-opened the encounter.
Inter goalkeeper Julio Cesar expressed his disappointment for the penalty awarded to Catania during his team's 2-1 win on Saturday evening in the ninth matchday of the Italian top flight.

In the end the penalty scored by the visitors did not make a difference, but Julio Cesar still insisted that the he made no foul on the Rossoazzurri's striker Gianvinto Plasmati.

"I did not do anything on Plasmati," declared the Brazilian goalkeeper to "My opponenet was cunning. I'm not angry, because we won the game; we could have scored more goals, but that's ok.

"At half time the coach [Jose Mourinho] told us that for us who have been doing this job for many years should know that these games which appear easy, and which we were winning 2-0, can re-open up at any moment.

"If we had conceded another goal towards the end, it would have really been a pity."

Inter now command the Italian Serie A with 22 points from nine games played, two points more than Sampdoria and seven points above Juventus and Fiorentina, with the latter two playing later on this afternoon.

Glenn Debattista,