Inter's Julio Cesar Denies His Wife's Internet Transfer Revelation

The Nerazzurri's goalkeepers' wife revealed on her blog that he had received an offer from a big club in the past week...
Susana Werner, the wife of Inter goalkeeper Julio Cesar, decided to tell the world that her husband was being followed by a major club who were interested in signing him and even though their intention was to remain in Milan, the offer may have been difficult to refuse.

Werner, who is an actress and television presenter and was also Ronaldo's first famous girlfriend, gave away the news about her fellas' suitors on her own personal blog.

"It's a week of great emotions," the Brazilian showgirl wrote on her on-line soapbox.

"My son celebrated his seventh birthday, whereas my husband has been besieged by the requests of a big club, and this makes us happy.

"It's clear that we have no intention of leaving Milan, but in football anything can happen. I hope that Inter realise the value of my husband and of how much he deserves, so that he won't be tempted to play elsewhere," her words read.

However, Julio Cesar was quick to deny all of this when he spoke to the press from the Brazilian training camp on Tuesday.

"I deny everything," he declared.

"I have a contract with Inter."

Husband and wife will obviously have a lot to talk about on his return from the world cup qualifiers.

Glenn Debattista,