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The Portuguese coach says his side do not stand behind Barcelona ahead of La Liga's start, while labelling the Catalan club's off-field tactics as worthy of small clubs

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho played down the importance of losing the Supercopa to Barcelona and preferred to signal his side's growth.

Following a 2-2 stalemate at the Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid knew they would have to work hard to win the Supercopa, and almost managed to take the game to extra-time, only for Lionel Messi's 87th minute goal to crush their hopes.

As Mourinho's Madrid fell short to Barcelona again, the Portuguese tactician stated he is not too worried about failing to win to win the Supercopa and noted his side are on the same level as the Camp Nou outfit.

"If we said we are very happy when we do not win a title we would be hypocrites," Mourinho said after the match. "This is a tiny little title, but we are not happy to not have won it, but with the evolution of the team. We played both matches very well, we were fantastic.

"If we look at the matches [against Barcelona] of the last four months, you see there is a great balance. Many draws, one victory for us in a final and one for them today, not to mention the matches which had a story which does not deserve to be told."

The former Inter boss also criticised Barcelona's off-field strategy, while defending Marcelo, who was sent off after a challenge on Cesc Fabregas.

"From the first minute of the second half, and I will not criticise it, because there are people who do this, the ball-boys hid themselves," Mourinho added.

"That happens with tiny little teams when they are facing difficulties.

"Marcelo was shown a red card becase we all know how challenges in certain areas of the park end."

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