Paulo Futre Advises Cristiano Ronaldo To Fall In Love At Real Madrid

The former Atletico star has given his opinion on what Ronaldo should do to settle in Madrid...
Paulo Futre, who was Atletico Madrid's sporting director until 2003, believes the pressure that Real Madrid-bound star Cristiano Ronaldo will be under will be "intense", both on a professional and personal level, which is why he believes Ronaldo should "find a stable girlfriend".

"We know he has a great character, a strong character, and a great personality," Futre told Lusa. "He comes from a great club, already used to some pressure.

"But it would be good for him to fall in love. Until he finds a girlfriend, he will have three per day, he will constantly be talked about on 'love shows'.

"It is not that he does not have the personality to handle this pressure, but there will be complicated days.

"The moment he falls in love and is in a stable relationship, the situation will change."

The former Porto left winger believes that all the controversy regarding Ronaldo’s transfer to Real will end once the season kicks off.

"When the league begins that will be forgotten and the only thing that will matter will be football,” he noted.

"In fact, it has already started to be less talked about."

Futre considers the Premier League and Serie A "the two best leagues in the world", which is why he thinks that Ronaldo's transfer to Real will be "positive."

"It would be a lot harder had he gone to Italy," Futre added. "Here [Spain] we have open football, where there is no man marking like there was a few years ago.

"He will have more space to play."

Futre classified the Kaka-Ronaldo pairing as "spectacular", saying, "They make a perfect duo. They are among the three or four best players in the world."

Luís Mira,