Chuck It! Gerard Pique Picks On A Bald Fella During Barcelona - Ceuta

The Barca blocker turned into an 'attacker' in the stands.

Spanish centre half Gerard Pique has a long prank history.

The former Manchester United man loves nothing better than having a giggle at other people's expense, with his jokes often caught on camera for mass enjoyment. These antics have included (the not so nice) spitting on a middle-aged man during Spain's victory bus parade following their World Cup triumph, as well as being filmed nakedly running after Bojan Krkic in the background of a live news report.

Knowing Pique's habit of picking on others, we turn to Barcelona's Copa Del Rey match against Ceuta on Wednesday night.

Pique got a night off against the minnows, allowing the defender to watch the contest in the stands next to Carles Puyol. As far as we know Pique was a perfect spectator throughout the majority of the game, but as the match drew towards its conclusion, and with Barca safely through, Pique's attention span waned.

Looking to spice up the final minutes a poor bald guy quickly became the focus as Pique began throwing food at the slap-head sitting a row in front of him. Eventually Pique got the man's aggravated attention, at which point he threw Puyol under the bus claiming the Barca captain was responsible throwing the food.

A comical game of cat and mouse pursued as the bald victim looked to catch Pique in the act, with the crescendo arriving seconds before the final whistle as Pique hurled the whole packet of sweets at the man.

The footage can be seen below:


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