Michael Ballack Considering Legal Action Against Kevin-Prince Boateng - Agent

Ballack's agent has threatened to take legal action against Boateng...
Portsmouth midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng might have offered his apologies to Chelsea's Michael Ballack for his reckless challenge during the FA Cup final, but that's clearly not enough to satisfy Michael Becker, the German international's agent.

"Every spectator has seen what Boateng did. That was clearly a foul with the intention to hurt Ballack. We are considering taking legal action," said Becker to Bild.

"We are thinking about taking the case to civil court, but criminal punishment is also an option. You can't just intentionally break the rules to hurt your opponent. It's not like a football field is a place where the law doesn't count, unlike what Boateng thinks."

Ballack's agent claims that the influential midfielder could miss out on about €1 million on income from sponsors and bonuses due to his two-month absence as a result of Boateng's reckless tackle.

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