Chelsea Manager Andre Villas-Boas Rules Out January Departures For His Contract Rebels

Blues boss unconcerned that Drogba, Kalou and Anelka are out-of-contract next summer, insisting they won't be sold before then, while discussions with Bosingwa continue

Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas has ruled out the possibility of selling Salomon Kalou, Nicolas Anelka, Didier Drogba or Jose Bosingwa in January despite being unable to agree new contracts with the quartet.

The Portuguese boss is unfazed by the possibility of having a large chunk of his current strike force in a position to talk to other clubs from January, with new Chelsea contracts yet to be agreed.

"That's why the talks are ongoing [with Drogba and Kalou]," Villas-Boas said in an article in The Guardian.

 "We still have plenty of time. Even if it reaches a situation like that [where no agreement has been struck by January], the players' personality and what they have done for this club allows us to think their loyalty to the team will not be compromised.

"We would not consider selling them in January. The most important thing is for the club to defend its interests [on the pitch].

“We know these players are of high importance. That's why the offers are on the table, apart from with Anelka. End of story. We will try to get them to reach an agreement. But the talks are ongoing."

The former Porto manager is relaxed about the whole situation, believing the players' performances will not be adversely affected, despite their uncertain futures.

"We know that, in January, these players are available to discuss their future.

"But the fact that they are emotionally tied to this club, like Nico too, means we can count on them while they are negotiating. Their loyalty to the club will never be in question."

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