Andre Villas-Boas Backs Chelsea's New Stadium Plans

The Portuguese boss understands the fans' dismay at leaving Stamford Bridge but likens the situation to that of Porto's relocation in 2003
Andre-Villas Boas has backed Chelsea's initial plans to move from Stamford Bridge into a new stadium.

Club owner Roman Abramovich has reportedly proposed to purchase shares from Chelsea Pitch Owners, who own the freehold for Stamford Bridge, in order to push forward a move into a new ground away from their current plot.

In light of Abramovich's move, there has been growing unrest amongst fans, who are against the idea of leaving Stamford Bridge - Chelsea's home for the last 106 years.

But while Andre-Villas acknowledges fans' dismay at the idea of leaving Stamford Bridge, he maintains a move into a bigger stadium would only serve as an aid to the club's running.

"The most important thing for us it to position ourselves regarding our future. The club has made a wise decision in that sense," said Villas-Boas.

“What we are living through now is an initial fans’ reaction. The disappointment regarding the possible loss of an historical site can mean something."

"But eventually, if we move or not, things will be for the best for sure."

Villas-Boas likened Chelsea's current situation to that of his former club Porto, who moved to the Estadio do Dragao in 2003.

"When Porto left the old stadium to go to the Dragao, nobody liked the name or the stadium. The historic presence of the old stadium on that site was important for the fans," he said.

“But go back to Porto now and no one remembers the old stadium. Everybody now talks about the new stadium.

"Because it took us into the future, brought us more revenues in the end, and made us play in a magnificent stadium.

"That's my experience of the past. I'm not in a position to say how the fans will react, and how they are reacting."

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