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Italian tactician claims the wantaway striker was always due to report back after the weekend following his efforts at the Copa America, with Balotelli and Dzeko set to start

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has accepted the blame for the confusion surrounding the return of wantaway striker Carlos Tevez.

Mancini had been expecting to have last season's top scorer available for this weekend's Wembley showdown with city rivals Manchester United, though he now claims the striker will not return until Monday.

Tevez has been difficult to contact since the end of last season with the striker choosing to spend his time back home with his young family in South America.

"I have spoken to him, his phone is working again," joked Mancini to reporters.

"He was happy and told me he would come back on Monday - everything was normal.

"He was on holiday, there was a mistake. We said he needed to come back on August 5 with Zaba [Pablo Zabaleta] but it was my mistake because I told him come back on August 8.

"Carlos comes back on Monday because he has 21 days after the Copa America."

Despite the striker being desparate to leave Manchester in order to be closer to his family in Buenos Aires, Mancini says Tevez could stay at Eastlands for one more year.

"He doesn't have another team," said Mancini.

"Carlos is a professional player. If he doesn't have another team in the next 10 days or two weeks I think he will play for us and play serious like last year, like always."

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