'We will go and see what God gives us' - United Sports Club coach Eelco Schattorie

The Dutchman isn't in the best of mood as his side take on Churchill Brothers in the opener of the Federation Cup...

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United Sports Club begin their Federation Cup run of the season against Churchill Brothers SC, on Tuesday. The Purple Brigade meet their other two Group A opponents, Pune FC and Eagles FC, on 17 and 20 January.

Eelco Schattorie, the coach of the Kolkata-based outfit, has claimed that he has no expectations from his team owing to the recent financial constraints at the club.

"No expectations from here," he exclaimed. "We will go and see what God gives us. I am disappointed with the preparations, so no expectations. We had a bad preparation with a few major set backs. If you fail to prepare your preparing to fail.

"At the other hand, Cup games are always unpredictable and short-term motivated. Bello Hassan (Rasaq) can't play. Our new goalkeeper (Jayanta Paul) is not tested as he only joined in the last five days and so didn't play a game," Schattorie added.

"The atmosphere in the group is fantastic as every one worked hard. My biggest fear is that a set back in the game might trigger us into the wrong direction. I told my boys to 'go on the field and feel like the times you played on the street - with fun and passion. Forget about tactics and just play the game with your heart'," he concluded.

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