Chhetri's first goal was offside - Guam coach Gary White

After his team's 0-4 defeat against India, the Guam coach was disappointed with the refereeing and blamed them for the loss...
Guam suffered a 0-4 humiliation at the hands of India on Monday in their second group A game of the AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers. This was their second loss on the trot as they had lost 0-5 to Myanmar on the opening matchday.

Gary White, the Guam coach, was bitter given that the match officials failed to spot Sunil Chhetri in an offside position which eventually led to the opening goal.

“It was a difficult decision made by the linesman. I thought it was an offside, to be honest. But the decision cost us the game. Our boys are young and they could never recover from the setback. The game was pretty even till the 50th minute, but it was the decision which changed the course of the game. The referee was in a wrong position and so was the linesman. We expected better officials in this kind of high level matches.”

“Our team consists mostly of young boys. They have to learn how to handle these situations. We are a country of 200,000 people fighting against a country of population more than 1 billion. We were fighting well against them. But the decision changed it all,” the coach said.

White refused to compare India to Myanmar but added that the game against the host nation was far tougher. “I think today’s  game was quite well balanced till the first goal. I don’t want to compare them but certainly the Myanmar match was tougher for us," he noted.

The coach also denied that there was any kind of pressure on him to resign after the dismal performance in the qualifiers.

“I have a contract for two years. We are a developing nation in football. Had it been 3 or 4 years ago, we would have conceded goals in double figures. We just need to carry forward this development. For example, today’s game was more or less equal. We just need a bit of maturity.”

“We came into the match with the plan of winning. We troubled them with our attacking approach. The post denied us a goal in the very first minute of the game. We will play in the same fashion in the next match. Our team has shown good character so far. The boys have realized that it is all part of the developing process and once we get done with it, we can compete with the bigger countries. We will improve in every tournament we play,” he signed off.

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