My Say: Where Have The Wingers Gone?

Aravind N. reflects on the lack of wingers in the modern game…..

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It has been really sad to observe the decline of genuinely talented wingers. Watching a winger play in his prime charging along the flanks is one of the most pleasant sights in football. I have always felt that wingers make matches more interesting and entertaining.  

In the past couple of seasons wingers have been hard to observe. Almost all the wingers we see nowadays are more eager to get into the box and score goals. The concept of a winger has changed in the past couple of years.  

Teams don’t need wingers any more, They need midfielders who can score goals. Take Cristiano Ronaldo for example. He started as a winger but now we see him play as a striker. Managers who used the 4-4-2 system have changed their formation due to lack of wingers.  

I can think of only a handful of wingers currently playing in the Premier League. Former Chelsea player Arjen Robben was a notable winger who caught my attention. He was a Dutch express and was so quick on his feet and was unstoppable along the flanks!  

The only notable wingers I can think of in the Premier League at the moment are Petrov of Manchester City, Young of Aston Villa and Man City’s Shaun Wright-Philips, who has pace but his final ball is poor.  

To round up, I feel that we are moving into an era where the term ‘winger’ shall exist no more, sadly.  

Aravind N.  

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