We at understand that very basic need of a fan, that to express himself/herself. So calling all footy freaks! Take your chance and leave your imprint on the web forever! And will help you take your thoughts to people all over the world. So bring it on..!
How frustrated do you feel when you read scores of articles online but none get down to the real point?  

How often is it that you feel like responding to the author or make a point of your own but you have to be satisfied by the tiny and easy-to-miss comments section at the bottom of the page??  

Well, the good times are finally here! If you have an opinion on anything related to this beautiful sport, and want to express your views to thousands of other football fans across the globe then this is just the place for you!  

This is “YOUR SAY”, a section dedicated entirely to “You, the fans”, the people who make the sport what it is. Here we’re going to let you take your footy-related views and comments to the next level, and make you a published writer. Pen (rather type) your views down on any issue or event and email them to us, and we’ll do the rest.  

Be honest, unabashed, and expressive, and let the football pundit trapped inside you out, for the whole world to see!  

Just a few tips to make your foray into online writing a success:  

1) The English should be grammatically sound.  

2) And sadly for all you die hard fans, the articles should be totally unbiased!  

So fans, escalate yourselves to the next level. Start analyzing, and leave the rest to!  

Send in your articles to with the subject “My Say”.