I Couldn't Have Been The Best In The World With Real Madrid - Robinho

The Brazilian believes he was destined to thrive away from the Bernabeu...
Manchester City forward, Robinho has claimed today that he would never have fulfilled his potential had he stayed with Real Madrid.

The Brazilian moved from Spain to England in a drawn out transfer saga last summer, and today told fobazo.com why he had to leave.

"I never believed that with Real Madrid I would reach my objective of being number one in the world, nor would I be the top scorer, so the best thing for me was to go," he declared.

The saga that surrounded Robinho's move to England saw him nearly move to Chelsea and also involved in a possible deal for Cristiano Ronaldo with Manchester United, a move he seems to regret.

"With respect to Cristiano, it is unacceptable that they wanted to use me in negotiations," he mused.

"When the possibility of signing him went downhill, they wanted to change, and told me that I was very important, but my head was no longer in Madrid.

"I had quality to spare to be a first-team player and yet at times I didn't play."

Despite his troubled times with Madrid though, Robinho has settled well in Manchester and has impressed in his time with the club.

The frontman acknowledged that it is not always easy for Brazilians to move abroad and play well.

"It is not easy for Brazilians to come to Europe. The players here can be a little jealous, because we are renowned for being good, but I never had any problems with the squad at Madrid," he admitted.

Lastly Robinho was asked who he would bring from Madrid to Manchester City if he could, and he chose Iker Casillas, Marcelo, Pepe, and Guti.

James Walker-Roberts, Goal.com

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