Al Jaish confirm Benitez arrangements

The former Birmingham City striker passed away on Monday at the age of 27, and medical reports have now confirmed that cause of death was cardiac arrest
Al Jaish Sports Club have confirmed the details surrounding the transfer of Christian Benitez's body to his native Ecuador.

The striker tragically passed away at the age of 27 at the Al-Ahli Hospital in Doha on Monday, after suffering a cardiac arrest.

"Al Jaish Club management assures that it will transfer the body of the former Birmingham City player to Ecuador immediately after finishing all legal procedures which are applied in the state of Qatar," a club statement read.

"Al Jaish Sports Club's board of directors have announced that the club will bear all expenses of transferring the body from Doha by private aircraft. The family and wife of Benitez will also be transferred to attend the funeral ceremony. Additionally, the club will also pay expenses for the Ecuadorian national team doctor who is currently present at Doha. 

"Al Jaish management has also promised that there will be a farewell and transfer of the body, and that all players and club affiliates will participate in the ceremony.

"Since Benitez passed away on Monday morning there has been great sadness and sorrow around the club, particularly because of the sudden nature of Benitez's death. It is also especially sad because he had only joined Al Jaish a few days previously.

"Al Jaish Sports Club management assures its endless support to Christian’s family and will stand by their side during this hard time.

"The club management has also made a special visit to the family and wife of Benitez, who are currently staying at Doha. The visit was made to check on the family situation and to assure that Al Jaish management stands by their side and supports them."

Benitez, who only joined El Jaish from America earlier this year, scored 24 goals in 58 appearances for his country.