Riquelme rejoins Boca Juniors

The iconic Argentina midfielder has joined his former club despite having left them last year and will be available for coach Carlos Bianchi's selection
Juan Roman Riquelme has signed for Boca Juniors for a third time.
Riquelme had walked out on the club in July but rumours had been circulating that the former Argentina international would rejoin the Argentine side.

At the beginning of January, Riquelme said he had no interest in playing for the side again despite the return of coach Carlos Bianchi.

 “I never negotiated with Boca. I had nothing to discuss, I have no words.  I said I would not play again for Boca and will not return."

Riquelme signed for Boca for the first time at the age of 18 in 1996 and stayed for six years before joining Barcelona in 2002. In that time he won two Aperturas, one Clausura as well as the 2000 and 2001 Copa Libertadores.

He returned to the club, initially on loan, in 2007 before leaving in 2012. In his second spell he won a further two Aperturas and the 2007 Libertadores.