Egyptian court confirms 21 death sentences for Port Said riot

A Cairo court has backed the hanging of those found guilty of causing a riot between al-Masry and al-Ahly supporters in February 2012 which killed more than 70 people
An Egyptian court has confirmed “the death penalty by hanging” for 21 fans found guilty of causing a mass riot in Port Said in February 2012, which killed 74 people.

The riots occurred as rival al-Masry and ah-Ahly fans clashed after supporters invaded the pitch at the end of the match.

While most of those found guilty were fans, two police officers have also been jailed for 15 years for their part in the tragedy while five other defendants were sentenced to life in prison.

The verdict, which was broadcast live on television saw Judge Sobhi Abdel-Maguid confirm that the guilty parties will receive "the death penalty by hanging".

Fans of both clubs had responded angrily to the initial sentencing in January and are reportedly in uproar again after Saturday's verdict.
Protests in Cairo have again broken out with at least another eight people reported to have been killed this week, including three policemen, during the court proceedings which were moved out of Port Said amid security concerns.

There have also been reports that some fans have attacked the Egyptian FA. Tharwat Sweilem, executive director of the EFA said: "The headquarters of the Egyptian Federation for Football were roasted completely in just 15 minutes, and papers and cups were stolen.

"Thousands of people attacked the Union when I was with a number of employees there, and we came out of the office immediately. We could not protect the place because of the sheer number of saboteurs."