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The top flight competition in which the west African country's best clubs take part is yet to restart matches due to a disagreement over funding between club owners and the league

Initially set to resume on May 27, the Cameroon Elite One league is on hold due to a boycott from top flight club presidents who have decided not to resume the second phase of the domestic league if they do not receive the totality of the subvention promised by the government and by the league’s official sponsors.

During the first phase of the league, the clubs had initially received 163 million francs (€244,000) of the total 540 million FCFA (€823,224) promised by the Professional league and Ministry of Sports.

This has come to add to the mountain of problems marring Cameroon’s football at the local and international level.

The country’s football is plagued by power struggles, mismanagement and lack of a clear vision which is leading to its progressive decline.