Ogba Kalu: Ninety percent Indians are not racist

The Nigerian midfielder recounted some of his bad experiences in Goa during his stay in the country for the last six years or so…

Sporting Clube de Goa midfielder Ogba Kalu Nnanna mentioned that his experience in India has largely been positive though there have been a few odd incidences.

"Ninety prevent of Indians are not racist, just as not all blacks are bad or involved in drugs. These are rules every country follows. Those who are staying illegally should be deported. But that also doesn't mean all Nigerians are involved in the drug trade,” he explained to NDTV.

A Nigerian national had been murdered following which protests were made on the national highway where they destroyed the public property. Goa's art and culture minister Dayanand Mandrekar referred to Nigerians as “cancer” but since then has apologized admitting his mistake.

“I feel scared as I am a black and anything could happen in Calangute in north Goa. After playing football, several times I was tired and wanted to relax. So I drove down to clubs in Calangute. But I was refused entry because I was a Nigerian, because I was a black. I never returned and now just go for home parties,” Kalu recounted.

There has been widespread criticism on the protests made by the Nigerians where they roughed up the policemen while a Nigerian diplomat had warned the police that Indians in Nigeria would face the repercussions.

"It's was an emotional outburst. We are humans too. Though I don't know any of the protestors, one of their colleagues had been murdered. So it was justified as they were fighting for their rights. Sometimes when somebody is hurt, you use words you should not. It was in the moment. But you can't overlook things. If the Goa government solves the problem then it won't affect Indians in Nigerians and the issue won't prolong in Nigeria," he said.

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