Indonesian football fan dies after being beaten up by rival supporters

A 17-year-old succumbed to his injuries in hospital following a clash with members from a rival supporters' group in an incident that occurred before a league match

Indonesian football has seen its fair share of problems in recent years, and the country was rocked again on Thursday by the shocking death of a supporter prior to a league match. 

The incident started when a group of youths who were on their way to attend the match between Gresik United and Arema at the Patrokimia Stadium clashed with a bunch of Aremania supporters.

Things got heated up and turned violent, with 17-year-old Mohammad Erik Setiawan being pronounced dead hours after he was admitted with his injuries to the Ibnu Sina Hospital.

Three others sustained serious injuries and were treated at the same hospital, while five more were lucky to get away with minor bruises and were given outpatient treatment.

Local police were alerted to the incident immediately and they managed to stop the Aremania fans who had fled at the Sidoarjo district.

However, it is unclear whether those responsible for the death of Erik Setiawan have been arrested.

Those injured are still receiving medical treatment, whike the deceased teenager has been laid to rest in his hometown.