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Chile have some passionate supporters on their side tonight...

Brazil take on Chile in World Cup round of 16 action tonight at Ellis Park in Johannesburg, and the Chilean supporters are keen to see another tournament upset unfold. spoke to fans outside Ellis Park Stadium ahead of the match, with enthusiasm and hope outshining the nerves they were feeling.

"Sure we are nervous, but it is natural to fear Brazil," said Roberto. "The point we need to remember is that even Brazil have weaknesses and we can exploit those and create another upset. Look at how many teams have not done well against smaller teams, that could be us too."

Lisa felt the same urge to be hopeful. "Chile has demonstrated that they are a team to be considered worthy of the next round, and so they should not be underestimated. Brazil is Brazil, and we are here to support our team to try and beat the mighty Selecao, said Lisa.

Gordon, a South African who is supporting Chile in tonight's game added, "Chile played so well against Spain and they could have beaten them with a bit of luck, so I am supporting them tonight when most will be on Brazil's side. Chile will need to be very lucky against them (Brazil), but nothing is impossible with the Adidas Jabulani."

The Chile fans are in high spirits, and their is a feeling that being the underdogs is the perfect title for them to register a stunning upset over the highly favoured Brazil.

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