World Cup 2010: Portugal Boss Carlos Queiroz Plays Down Didier Drogba Injury

The Portuguese boss has his own worries...
Portugal national team coach Carlos Queiroz has downplayed the injury of Cote d'Ivoire star Didier Drogba.

The Chelsea striker remains in doubt for the entire World Cup after sustaining a fractured elbow in the Ivory Coast's 2-0 friendly win over Japan in Sion on Friday.

Drogba is regarded as the Elephants' main threat to Portugal when the two national squads meet each other in their World Cup opener on June 15.

Queiroz has now indicated he is only thinking about his own team.

"When great players are out of the biggest spectacle in world football it is always a shame," he said at a press conference.

"But right now we are only thinking about our team. My worry is to think about what we will do. The more we impose our game the more they will have problems.

"I want the players to know the match is ours and the style will be our own. I do not want them to give up playing good football.

"I do not want to play like England, Germany or Brazil, I want us to play like Portuguese teams have always played.

"I do not care if Drogba plays or not, it is a shame for the World Cup, but more important is that we have our style."

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