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Marchisio says Calciopoli had its positives too...

Italy midfielder Claudio Marchisio has said Calciopoli has been the springboard that allowed him to leap to new heights with la Nazionale and Juventus.

He believes the penalties inflicted by the sports trial in 2006 allowed him the space to come through and develop at Juventus - leading to a rapid promotion on all levels.

"I thank Calciopoli because if it didn't happen then I would have arrived here much later," he told the press at Sestriere.

"With [Didier] Deschamps I used to play often in the youth team, but then I found space in the first team.

"Everyone always gets their chance, and I certainly took mine. For all young players Calciopoli was an opportunity, not just at Juventus, but Roma and Milan also trusted in youth."

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