Argentina Boss Diego Maradona Dissatisfied With South African Toilets

Gaffer sticks to his 'high standards'...
Argentina manager Diego Maradona has asked the authorities to install two new bidet toilets for him at the team's 2010 World Cup training base in South Africa.

The people in charge were then asked to carry out an emergency remodelling of the legendary forward's bathroom to make the necessary changes to meet his "high standards".

The manager of the High Performance Centre in Pretoria, Colin Stier, maintained that the request from Maradona's side had culminated in two whole bathrooms being changed.

"[Bidets] are quite common in Argentina but hard to get hold of here," Stier said, according to The Daily Mail.

"In the end we managed to track down a seat which has bidet nozzles, but to make it fit we ended up having to replace the whole bathroom too.

"Of course we were happy to do so. If it makes Diego more comfortable during his stay then it's worth the effort."

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