World Cup 2010: I Don't Care About The Media - Italy Coach Marcello Lippi

Lippi says he will ignore the media raps in South Africa...
Italy coach Marcell o Lippi has said he won't care much about the media chide that will be levelled at him over the next month as he has one objective - to win the World Cup.

The Italian media have started to build up their pros and cons columns in relation to the coach's squad choices after leaving out a number of players from his squad.

But, Lippi believes talk is cheap.

"Risks? Yes, but I really don't care," he told Sky Sport 24.

"How much I risk is not important. It has never been a problem for me. the risk is always there, otherwise there would have been no point coming back to try and win another World Cup.

"I know well that they [the press] will massacre me, but I don't care. It will go in through one ear, and out of the other.

"I want to try and relive the emotions."

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