World Cup 2010: Italy Captain Fabio Cannavaro Aiming To Defend Title

The defender dismisses the fact that the team seem 'old'...
Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro has revealed that he wants to win back-to-back World Cups, so that the Azzurri can prove their critics wrong.

The critics are suggesting that La Nazionale cannot win in South Africa because they are an ageing squad, who are past their best.

"In 2006, we demonstrated our worth, and after four years, we find ourselves with a lot of critics," the Juventus player stated to Sky. "They say we are old and past our best. To win the World Cup would a double satisfaction.

"When someone becomes a part of the Azzurri squad that has won a World Cup, they are like family, and they never abandon anyone. After the World Cup, one cannot think they are an automatic inclusion into the side because other choices have to be made.

"In 2006, no one believed that we could win, but then a lot of people started to support us. It frustrates me because we qualified with a match in hand..."

Cannavaro admits this could be his final World Cup, but might not be his last hurray as part of the Azzurri squad.

"This will surely be my last World Cup, but maybe not in the national team," he concluded.

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