Luis Suarez: Inter and Milan are no longer special

The former Spain international says both teams have downgraded a lot over the last few years and feels Mario Balotelli is not yet a "very good" player

Former Inter player and coach Luis Suarez believes the club, along with local rivals AC Milan, are no longer special sides and are now "ordinary" teams.

Both clubs have been struggling in recent years as Inter finished ninth in Serie A last season while Milan ended up 15 points behind champions Juventus. They are going through poor seasons this year as Walter Mazzarri’s men currently sit fifth while Clarence Seedorf’s charges are in 11th place.

Former Nerazzurri player and coach Suarez believes both sides are constantly downgrading at present and feels they have slipped a long way in the last few years.

"Inter and Milan are both in the same situation,” he told Goal. "The two Milan teams always had two great teams, but they are now two ordinary teams.

"It's a simple thing. When [Inter] won the Champions League in Madrid four years ago, I seem to recall they had a very good team.

“There were players they had of a certain age, but they didn't bring in new players and then the next year they sold players who were at a good level. Those who came in were not of the same level and gradually the team has become weaker and now is not a good team, they are a very normal team.

“Samuel Eto'o, Maicon and Julio Cesar were sold. Inter sold several players.”

The former Spain international then turned his attention to Milan and pointed out that striker Mario Balotelli is a good talent but insists he cannot carry the team by himself.

“Balotelli is a player who is very inconsistent, one player alone does not do anything, you must have a group that can play.

“He is still not a very good player, he is a young boy, he is erratic and has many disruptions in his game and in his life."