Agnelli: Italian football is not interesting any more

The Bianconeri president has bemoaned the state of stadia in the country and believe Serie A has fallen behind its competitors in the world game
Juventus president Andrea Agnelli has claimed that stadium attendances and crowd trouble make Serie A an uninteresting spectacle to fans.

The 37-year-old cited the development of the Premier League as an example for Italian football to follow, particularly in terms of budget.

“Is Italian football interesting to watch today?" he told the Financial Times. "Half the stadiums are empty, there is violence. I mean, it’s not the best product.

“You are reading messages in Chinese across all Premier League stadia. We access multinational companies, but we access their local budgets. We want to be talking to their headquarters.”

Despite Serie A's decline, Agnelli is optimistic about Juventus' with the club having recovered from relegation in 2006 following the Calciopoli scandal.

“The current team have great potential. I feel they're mine, whilst with the others I was, let me say, a privileged observer. This is my creature," he added.

"Our brand is enhanced now by our tremendous comeback story. That gave us the opportunity to show, in a louder way, how strong we are and how focused on leading the Italian system we are."

Juve are currently nine points clear at the top of Serie A as they chase a second consecutive Scudetto.