AC Milan: Cagliari stadium controversy has 'altered' championship

The Rossoneri are bemused by the various different rulings on the Rossoblu's home ground, which remains the subject of serious public safety concerns
AC Milan have reacted angrily to the latest decision regarding Cagliari’s Is Arenas, claiming that the varying nature of the rulings regarding the availability of the controversial stadium for Serie A games has “altered” the course of this season’s championship.

On Friday afternoon, it was announced that this weekend’s clash between the Isolani and Fiorentina would be played behind closed doors because of ongoing concerns over the safety of the Sardinians’ home ground.

Milan, who played Cagliari at a fully open IS Arenas in February, wasted little time in expressing their outrage at the decision, issuing the following statement on their website:

"The league has announced that the Cagliari-Fiorentina match will be played behind closed doors.

"On February 10, 2013, Milan played before a full stadium, like six other teams. Three teams played in front of only season-ticket holders, three behind closed doors.

"Only one, Juventus, [played] at a neutral ground. In one instance, a 0-3 was awarded (to Roma), and nobody knows what will happen in the next few days...

"In light of decisions that any person of good sense would judge incomprehensible on account of the different rulings in essentially identical cases, it's clear that the normal course of the Serie A championship has been altered.”

Cagliari moved into their new temporary home at the Is Arenas last summer following a falling out with the local council over their previous residence, the Stadio Sant’Elia, but their new stadium has been plagued by controversy over the legality of its construction and public safety concerns.