'Juventus won't go anywhere if we don't play like a team' - Conte

The Bianconeri coach has admitted that his side did not perform well enough during the 1-0 loss to Roma on Saturday, but refused to point the finger at anyone in particular
Juventus coach Antonio Conte has slammed his team's performance during Saturday's 1-0 defeat at the hands of Roma, but explained that they had been suffering from fatigue.

A Francesco Totti strike saw the capital club past the Bianconeri at the Stadio Olimpico, and the former Siena boss admitted that his side did not perform at the necessary level.

"Fatigue is normal, but if we don't play like a team, we won't go anywhere," he told reporters after the match. "I won't mention individuals, but I didn't like the team or anyone out there tonight.

"Everyone went their own way and it was really disappointing. We have regrets that we did not have an extra day to prepare and recover our physical levels.

"If I had picked other players and we lost, then I'd be blamed as well. [Kwado] Asamoah has been on international duty for six weeks and someone wanted me to play him against Celtic. He looked like a fish out of water today."

Napoli boss Walter Mazzarri had been critical of the Italian champions' protests about their fixture schedule, but Conte believes his complaints were justified.

"We've played three games in seven days, how many did Napoli play? It's easy to calculate," he retorted.

"In any case, all clubs must be given the opportunity to recover whenever we are involved in these supplementary competitions.”