Referees do not favour big teams in Serie A anymore, says Cambiasso

The Argentine says that match officials no longer give preferential treatment to the big sides in the Italian top flight, but admits it happened in the past
Inter midfielder Esteban Cambiasso believes big Serie A teams do not get favours from referees anymore, but admits that it happened in the past.

The Italian game was recently hit by the Scommessopoli scandal which further damaged the image of football in the country after the Calciopoli in 2006, when a number of clubs were punished for allegedly taking part in a scheme to influence officials.

Cambiasso believes, however, that the times when big teams would get away with preferential treatment is gone and insisted the heavyweights get more penalties for a reason.

"Today there are just rumours and nothing more. In the past, however, it has happened, and was proven in court. It was a page in the history of Italian football, which fortunately is over," Cambiasso told FCInterNews.

"Nowadays everybody is complaining about more penalties given to big teams, but those teams spend more time in the opposition's half than others."

Inter currently sit in second place with 34 points, four off league-leaders Juventus.