Buffon was the victim of an ambush, says lawyer

The goalkeeper's attorney lamented the timing of the reports and declared that there is no evidence that his client engaged in any illegal betting activities
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Gianluigi Buffon
's lawyer has taken a swipe at Italian media, saying that his client has been the victim of an "ambush".

Italian reports claimed on Thursday that the Juventus goalkeeper had made over €1.5 million in payments to a Parma-based tobacconist, which also serves as a betting shop.

The purpose of the transaction is still unknown, but he would be breaking the rules of the Italian Football Federation if it was proven that that he had bet on matches sanctioned by the FIGC, Fifa or Uefa.

However, Buffon's lawyer has questioned the timing of the report after the shot-stopper had slammed the local media at a press conference, and insisted that the Italy captain did not engage in any illegal activity.

"The hypothesis of betting and abnormal movement of money was not picked up by any investigation by the Financial Police in 2010," Marco Valerio Corini told Radio Mana Mana.

"This is a strange timing: Gigi is bitter about the ambush against him after his press conference at Coverciano.

"Who says that those payments were made for betting purposes? Because these two people, a goalkeeper and the owner of a betting shop, operated together, then the purpose of their transaction had to be to make illegal bets?

"That argument is very poor, because they have known each other since Gianluigi was in Parma's youth team, and their friendship can be linked to commercial transactions, such as real estate.

"These are false news that trigger a media bomb that has no criminal value, as confirmed by investigators in Turin. The prosecutor also has denied involvement.

"I would be very surprised if Buffon was interrogated. The prosecutor cannot pay attention to every suspicion when there is no evidence.

"If there is evidence that there were bank transfers between two subjects, that does not necessarily mean that there was a crime."

Buffon had criticised the Italian press for sensationalising the coverage of the ongoing Scommessopoli scandal.